This warranty refers only to the warranty of products produced by Radical All Mountain Cycles ltd.

Should you require warranty details for any products that are not Radical All Mountain but sold through Radical All Mountain, you should refer to that companies warranty policy.


What is covered?

We offer a simple 5 year warranty on our frames for the original owner. This entitles the original owner to a replacement frame of the same model or specification in the event of a product default or failure.

Our 5 year warranty covers frames only.

In the event a specific model/ specification is not available, an alternative may be offered. Radical All Mountain also reserve the right to be given time to procure material and manufacture a replacement frame should no alternatives be available.

What is not covered?

Damage in the event of misuse (beyond the bikes or riders capabilities) or an accident (where the rider is not in control of the bike or cannot come to a controlled stop). However we may offer a 40% off the price of a new frame, known as a 'crash replacement'.

Any customer that modifies their frame in anyway beyond manufacturing specification will forfeit their warranty.

Cosmetic damage is not covered. 

Cosmetic weathering (such as corrosion or rusting) is not covered under warranty.

What we may request

We may request proof of damage/ any default prior to any replacements being agreed. This can be through pictures, videos or the frame being returned to Radical All Mountain for inspection.

We may request proof of purchase and identification of the returnee.

Still not sure?

Speak to us! We are a small company and getting riders back on the trails is our top priority. We will always endeavour to make any warranty claims as painless as possible with the best outcome possible for the customer.