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Born out of blood, sweat and beers...

Radical All Mountain Cycles is a boutique, small batch manufacture of mountain bike frames based in the heart of Shropshire.

Established in 2020 and born on the welsh borders, our bikes are tested on some of the best trails mother earth has to offer. We have sold products to customers from all corners of the globe and are introducing/developing new products each year.

We have a strong focus on delivering a high level of customer service, and centre our business model around small batch production. Our UK made bikes are all designed in house and then welded by Gavin White (Coal), a veteran within the UK bike industry.

When you cant find us in the pub or prepping orders, we are most likely in front of the computer designing something else...


With a simple concept; riding bikes made the way we wanted them. Nothing more, nothing less. Rider made, rider owned.

The core of the business was formed the traditional, PROPER way: no kickstarters, crowdfunding or gimicks here. Radical All Mountain followed an orchestrated growth plan to allow us to focus on developing not just the product, but the business.  

From the outset, we approached this with the mindset that if it’s to be done, it’s done right. This gives us a strong ethos as to how the business is run, our products and most importantly, our customers.

Radical works with some of the most experienced people within the industry, all being experts in their field. This includes both independent engineers and manufacturers. This ensures that both the products and the customers experience, are to the highest quality.



Kieran Crosbie

Kieran leads the design at Radical All Mountain, but also does everything else; right down to packing and prepping the frames for the customer.

Kierans experience comes from the management in the design, supply and installation of bespoke aluminium building finishes to large commercial projects throughout the UK. Kieran is also an armed forces veteran, has been deployed on operations and has previous sales management experience. But most importantly, he is a rider.

                - Kieran Crosbie: Founder/Director                   


We are extremely proud to have our frames manufactured & finished in the UK.

Our frames are proudly handcrafted in the UK. This means each frame is truly special, and allows us to focus on how the frame is engineered, offering an exceptional ride and product quality.

In a time where material & shipping costs are increasing, and there is a tremendous pressure to work 'greener', there has never been a better time to fabricate on home soil as oppose to overseas.

Because we manufacture locally and source majority of the material from UK suppliers, we have drastically lower fuel consumption and our carbon footprint is significantly lower.

We also operate a fully (where possible), paperless way of working.

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