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The boss & founder.... Meet the guy who runs this mad house.

''As a rider, you can get very tired of the bull***t that surrounds the mainstream market and sometimes, you just want someone to put it to you straight... So a brand with one goal was built; create radical bikes that simply, ride well''

- Kieran Crosbie, Founder/Director

This guy over see's (or does...) most things; from design, right down to packing and sending them out to the customer. We do just about everything we can to ensure Radical All Mountain offers great products and customer service.



Radical All Mountain is a very small operation, but throws a big punch.

What the brand stood for, its approach, its attitude and ethos were important from the offset.

Radical All Mountain is a simple brand with a no fuss approach. Its Radical attitude and personality reflects into its customers who don't just become part of a family, but a cult.

Don't just buy with your head, buy with your heart (oh yeah and money... money will help).



I design my products to, simply put it, ride great.

Boss man is no engineer and does not claim to be, but he is one thing; a rad rider. He believes there are only a few simple merits that make a great bike; good geometry, well thought out design and quality material.

Radical does work closely with other experienced people & companies that enable us to bring the vision to life.

We don't just follow the trends for the sake of following trends, but that's not to mean we are all old fashioned... 

The bikes are generally extremely low slung giving them mad cornering ability whilst drastically increasing control under braking. We also factor in steep seat tube angles giving the bikes amazing technical climbing ability.

One thing we carefully factored into our designs is longer dropper posts; thanks to this technology, do we really need long seat tubes? We therefore use fairly short seat tube across all sizes and base sizing more so on the reach. This keeps sizing flexible and stand over low, whilst allowing you to really slam that seat when s**t gets real.

Generally, on all bikes, you will find high quality tubing/material.                                 


We are extremely proud to have our frames manufactured & finished in the UK, to an extremely high quality.

With manufacturing in the UK, it means we can closely monitor QA whilst also reducing those dreaded lead times. UK is renowned for its manufacturing and in our eyes, is a market leader in producing quality products.

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