About Us

Spawned and bred within the Shropshire hills in the UK


Born out of blood, sweat and beers...

What the brand stood for, its approach, its attitude and ethos were important from the offset.

Radical All Mountain is a simple brand with a no b*****t approach. We are not here to change the market... we just make proper good bicycles. Our radical attitude and personality reflects into our customers who don't just become part of a family, but a cult. 

We have a strong focus on delivering a high level of customer service, and centre our business model around an ‘order from stock basis’, reducing lead times and getting you out on the trails ASAP.


It’s simple; wanting to ride our own bikes, made the way we wanted them. This allows us to fine tune our bikes and have a fresh perspective on what makes a good bicycle for a RIDER (not a computer). If we don’t like it/ ride it… we ain’t gonna make it!

The core of the business was formed the traditional, PROPER way: no kickstarters, no crowdfunding, no money from a dead aunt here! A solid business plan laid out and some serious graft/organisation was put in to developing the business you see before you.

From the outset, we approached this with the mindset that if it’s to be done, it’s done right. This gives us a strong ethos as to how the business is run, our products and most importantly, our customers.



The man behind the magic: Kieran

Kierans experience comes from the management in the design, supply and installation of bespoke aluminium building finishes to large commercial projects throughout the UK. Kieran is also an armed forces veteran, has been deployed on operations and has previous sales management experience. But most importantly, he is a rider… and boy does he know what he likes!

Whilst transferring these skills, Radical still works with some of the most experienced people within the industry, all being experts in their field. This includes both independent engineers and manufacturers.

This ensures that both the products and the customers experience, are to the highest quality.


             - Kieran Crosbie: Founder/Director                   


We are extremely proud to have our frames manufactured & finished in the UK.

With manufacturing in the UK, it means we can closely monitor QA whilst also reducing those dreaded lead times. UK is renowned for its manufacturing and in our eyes, is a market leader in producing quality products.

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