About Us

Spawned and bred within the Shropshire hills in the UK


Born out of blood, sweat and beers...

What the brand stood for, its approach, its attitude and ethos were important from the offset.

Radical All Mountain is a simple brand with a no b*****t approach. We are not here to change the market... we just make proper good bicycles. Our radical attitude and personality reflects into our customers who don't just become part of a family, but a cult.

Remember, don't just buy with your head, buy with your heart!

Disclaimer: And money... you will need money.....



The man behind the magic.

''Stay true; if you build a bike for you and you only... the rest will fall into place easily..."

                   - Kieran Crosbie, Founder/Director

Whilst the team is very small, Radical works with some very experienced people within the industry, most being experts in their field. This ensures the products that are offered and the customers experience, are to the highest quality.




We are extremely proud to have our frames manufactured & finished in the UK.

With manufacturing in the UK, it means we can closely monitor QA whilst also reducing those dreaded lead times. UK is renowned for its manufacturing and in our eyes, is a market leader in producing quality products.

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